miercuri, 25 decembrie 2013

I promise I will make the happiest girl out of you .
Just let me do that!

luni, 23 decembrie 2013

Far away

Miere si polen
De ce nu stim ce vrem?
De ce ne taiem in hartii? De ce ne ranim?
Cand noi vroiam doar sa iubim?
De ce sa mai fii? De ce sa mai stai?
Doar chistoace ale iubiri mai ai
Si ai umplut o scrumiera
Colectia ta de esecuri , doar o bariera
Daca tu acum te pierzi in ochii tuturor
Eu am ramas un simplu actor
Care tipa replica lui plina de dor
Dar se intampla ceva , o schimbare de decor
Trebuie sa ma obisnuiesc , nu e deloc usor
Dar zambetul cuiva imi umple sufletul gol
Incerc sa ma regasesc in buzele tale
Sa le citesc fiecare dorinta pana nu dispare
Mai aprind o tigara , 
Trag un fum , ma inspir si expir iara 
Gasesc sau nu placere , ma innec
La ochii tai ma aplec
Findca ai mei au pierdut din culoare
Trec secundele din ce in ce mai reci mi se pare 
 Stele ,licurici si un fulg de nea 
Stralucesc ca inima mea
Doar ca inima mea nu se incarca la soare
Are nevoie de dragoste si cumpatare
Cateva zambete si un sarut
Imbolnavit de dragoste sa tusesc si sa stranut
Cate un fluture pentru fiecare pupic
Sa ma sacai cate un pic
Niciodata sa nu ma lasi in pace
Atentia ta e tot ce imi place 

joi, 19 decembrie 2013


You are my favorite color , and my favorite song
I like everything about you , but dont get me wrong
I can't hope for a love story , if i dont know you
I must read you , discover you and maybe fall in love too
Do all these things with a smile on my face
Sing all the songs we like and take it slow , its not a race
Take trips and walk the world , because i know how much you like to travel
You be my muse and I will describe our love with the finest words for people to marvel
Because they can't get what we have, even if they struggle it's just to hard
Even if people won't understand , we will show them that we are always on guard!
Just take me by the hand and I will take care of us
I will turn upside down the M in me , plus
Make every fairytale come true
Because you know how much I love you!

duminică, 8 decembrie 2013

The prayer

Help me , whoever is up there
Behind the sun , behind the rest of the stars
Where there is no particle of air
Erase my pain , all of my scars
Just sooth my pain , i know you exist
Some call you God, others Jah
They even say you have a child named Christ
The muslims praise for Allah
I dont care if you are white or black
Or even if you are like us
I just want my happiness back
And here I am waiting the bus
Thinking far beyond my comprehension
 I got to find for myself another direction
Before I go mad again and try to find another connection
To me and the world , I think thats the best assumption