duminică, 15 decembrie 2013


Just me , and a club 
Whats the reason , whats the game ? What to do when there is no fame  , yeah i know its sad and its good to go , even if the battery is low , i am going to write till the battery drops dead , a hundred of jack and my soul is still sad , drink and drink till you fall , follow my steps and you wont be too far , maybe i am near the bar , near all the people and the only thing that helps me its the weed in the jar 
So pass it all , lets burn it down , whats gonna happen in this shitty town , i have a book and some money
I dont think that gonna earn me the honey 
A pretty lady 
A seducing girl
Drink and stay steady
Even if your mind is going to twirl , just grab me by the hand and dance with me , party hard and thats all its gonna be 
I dont want no pussy no lips
The only thing i want is you  to shake your hips 
A pretty nice dress is all you need to kill 
So please kiss me and make me feel the thrill
Because its a sad day, a sad night
Collie buddz is singing and i might 
Forget it all , and try to memorize this steps 
So i can dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance ! GIRL JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE !

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