joi, 22 mai 2014

Real eyes realise real lies

I keep searching for you and for me
I keep searching and it feels like a tragedy
I know that if I try I m going to succeed
But whats the purpose , whats the need?
I want to know what I have to do
What if I forget about me and think only about you
In my imagination I know that its all right
But my heart is screaming in the light of the night
I feel blind , I want too see you smile
I feel deaf , and I want to hear you smile
Diamonds are rocks and money is paper
Your love makes everything worthless now or later
But please don't hate me for giving you rocks
I ran so much for you that I have holes in my socks
Blisters on my feet and scars on my heart
Kiss me so I can go back to my nightmare sweetheart