duminică, 27 octombrie 2013

1 Heart 2 hurts

The sun is setting up on a new day
Funny how coffee tastes better than yesterday
Even the flowers seem more beautiful than ever
This kind of Sundays give me the fever
As I light up my cigarette everything feels better
And I usually use sad words to write a letter
But today I will send one to Mr. Happiness
Because I feel so distant from nothingness
I am one step closer to what I want
And I'm taking it only for my heart
Finish what I've started and take a break
Start again because i'ts never to late !

vineri, 25 octombrie 2013


Esti dulce ca o crema de portocale invelita in ciocolata
Pielea ta fina remarca faptul ca esti o pisica alintata 
Ochii tai ma ademenesc in taramuri necunoscute
Si un lucru stiu sigur,  ma fac sa vreau sa aflu mai multe
Glasul tau e ca linistea , se face auzita 
Iar privirea ta pur si simplu ma agita!

Feeling like a coka-cola in a kids hand : Under pressure!

duminică, 20 octombrie 2013

Gold glitter and ghouls

Right now things are hard, I'm not proud of what I did or what I do
The only thing that matters if you feel it too
Deep in my mind is a storm of feelings and words
I need a pair of wings to fly like the birds
That remind me that freedom is just a choice
Like singing reminds me of your voice
Then I realise that this kind of love just ain't for us 
We are seeking different kind of drugs
Just let me be , let me free , let me be my own extasy
Even if I die from an overdose, I will be happy that it's just me.
By the time that I will realise that I'm killing myself
I'm going to leave all the pain on my bed shelf
Get up and pack my luggage because I am going away
There is nothing else that makes me stay
Because I'm only a sucker for love
And even if I feel there is no god I know there is someone looking from above