marți, 27 noiembrie 2012

Im the present , i was the past , i will be the future

Never ending dreams follow me to highschool
And they treat me like I am that fool
Like I dont know the rules of this world
And every single wish is hidden in a word
To fulfill them you must be brave
Your passions I love them and I crave
Every second that passes by
even if I wont be anymore high
and I wont go anymore deep into the sky
I will be near you hoping you hear me saying hi!
Just remember that time doesn't exist but clocks do
So escape this reality like I should do too
And let's meet at the rainbows end
after all that rain , lets just pretend
That breathing is a waste of time
And talking is better than writing another line
But for all of you that hate the sound of my pain
Belive me , I'm not suffering in vain...
Im just waiting the blood to run out of my veins...

sâmbătă, 10 noiembrie 2012

The unmasked

Nu stiu cine esti, poti fii dansatorul mascat din coltul clubului, blonda de langa bar sau roscata  care isi trage nasul dupa ce iese din baie , dar stiu ca o sa te cunosc.
O sa  aflu ce bei , ca apoi sa iti ofer un rand , dar urmatorul sa fii sigur ca il platesti tu!
Iar pana la sfarsitul serii o sa aflu ce vrei tu mai mult , si o sa iti ofer acel lucru in schimbul a celui mai de pret lucru pe care il ai...
I'm gonna kill you slowly like the sweetest venom in the world :).