sâmbătă, 13 iulie 2013

I wish to make a million wishe's

When she came by I took a deep breath
Because I dont know what underneath
that pretty face , a simple mind or a disgrace?
I know that every soul has to take a race
for happiness and for joy
for the simple fact that they want a toy
to wish that every thing will be fine
maybe to be able to draw a straight line
because an architect knows best
when to cut it down or leave it to rest
so please build me a heaven were I can chill
this world is so heavy it makes me ill
and they say that they've got the pill
to make me feel that i will
be better and go ahead
but I think till then I'll be dead
so leave me a cigarette and some spare change
because I know that people are strange
and there is nothing better to do than ignore
all the people and be airborne.

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