joi, 19 decembrie 2013


You are my favorite color , and my favorite song
I like everything about you , but dont get me wrong
I can't hope for a love story , if i dont know you
I must read you , discover you and maybe fall in love too
Do all these things with a smile on my face
Sing all the songs we like and take it slow , its not a race
Take trips and walk the world , because i know how much you like to travel
You be my muse and I will describe our love with the finest words for people to marvel
Because they can't get what we have, even if they struggle it's just to hard
Even if people won't understand , we will show them that we are always on guard!
Just take me by the hand and I will take care of us
I will turn upside down the M in me , plus
Make every fairytale come true
Because you know how much I love you!

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